High-Quality Full HD Recording

With 1920 x 1080 full HD recording, detailed information including license plates can be recorded more clearly.

Built-in WDR to Respond to Sudden Brightness Changes

The built-in WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) helps avoid clipped highlights or shadows that may occur in a high contrast situations such as in a backlit environment, or near the entrance or exit of a tunnel. Clear images are assured.

F2.0 Wide Angle Lens of 145º

The GC-DRE10 features a wide angle lens of 145º. With a secured wide-angle view, you can judge the occurrence of an accident more objectively. The F2.0 lens performance assures precise, high-quality images.

Smartphone Linkage via Wi-Fi

Simply install the “JVC Dashcam” app on your smartphone and you'll be able to connect the GC-DRE10 to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. A variety of operations can be controlled easily from your smartphone. Available functions are “Preview” to view streamed images while recording on your smartphone, still image recording, downloading of recorded data to your smartphone, and controling various settings of the GC-DRE10.

Smartphone / Tablet Application JVC Dashcam

Compatible OS: For Android™ smartphone/tablet: Android™ OS 4.4 – 9.0,
For iPhone/iPad: iOS 10 – iOS 12

Three Recording Modes

The GC-DRE10 offers three recording modes to accommodate various situations. 1: “Cycling Recording*” to automatically record and stop in conjunction with the engine ON/OFF, 2: “Manual Recording” to start recording anytime you want and save it as data that cannot be overwritten, and 3: “Emergency Recording” to automatically start recording when a sudden impact or a sudden speed change is detected by the "G-Force sensor".

*If there is no space on the SD card, it will automatically overwrite the oldest file and continue recording.

G-Force Sensor for Automatic Shock Detection

The G-Force Sensor is built-in to detect impact to the vehicle body. Its 3-axis sensor is able to detect sudden movements from three directions: front/back, left/right, and top/bottom.

Built-in SD Card Slot

Its built-in slot is compatible with microSDXC card* (up to 64GB) for long recording time.
*SD card is optional.